Rey Mysterio’s next goal is to «eventually search for an excellent plan of retirement»

Rey Mysterio's next goal is to "eventually look for a great plan of retirement"

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** Next week’s edition of Monday Night Raw from Madison Square Garden goes to be centered around celebrating Rey Mysterio’s 20 years as an element of WWE. Rey was interviewed for Sports Illustrated’s ‘This Week in Wrestling’ column and said his next goal is to eventually search for an excellent retirement plan and be certain that Dominik is ready.

My next goal is to eventually give you the chance to search for an excellent plan of retirement. I also need to be certain that my son is ready. I’m really having fun with his evolution. We’re still seeing loads of growth with Dominik. He’s applying all he’s learning into his work. I all the time should remind myself he hasn’t been doing this for very long. He’s doing thoroughly, and I push him to do higher each time he’s within the ring. I would like to hold up the mask down the road, and hopefully see Dominik carry that mask and proceed with the Mysterio legacy.

Rey and Dominik Mysterio are teaming up on 7/25 to tackle Judgment Day’s Finn Balor and Damian Priest. Rey touched on how much he admires Balor and hopes they’ll have an enormous singles match in the future.

I respect Finn to the fullest. I love what Finn has done from Latest Japan all of the option to WWE. He’s a superstar. Little doubt. He’s considered one of the blokes I desired to work with once I got here back to WWE. I feel it finally happened in 2018 in a Survivor Series match. I really like the chemistry I actually have with him within the ring. He’s a tough employee, he’s passionate, and I would like an enormous singles match against him.

** The National Wrestling Alliance is bringing back the US Tag Team Titles at NWA 74 weekend. FTR (Dax Harwood & Money Wheeler) were talking on the Battleground Podcast concerning the idea of competing for the NWA and IMPACT Tag Titles when Wheeler showed interest within the U.S. Tag belts.

Harwood: I mean, we’ll go wherever will add to our legacy and if the fans think and if we expect NWA and IMPACT will add to our legacy, we now have to do it. Money must be right too [Harwood laughed]. We gotta get the ‘OK’ from the boss, but yeah, right away, we’re in place financially. Without delay, we’re in place mentally, form of physically. So, every thing that we’re gonna do any more to the tip of our careers is for our careers. For our enjoyment and for our careers and that’s it. So, yeah, if it’ll add to our legacy, absolutely.

Wheeler: If every thing lines up perfectly and it’s something where it’s gonna do good for bringing highlight to tag team wrestling and bringing highlight to us attempting to make history and possibly add one other star to the gathering, then I’m not gonna rule that out, especially, you recognize, seeing that they’re bringing back the U.S. Tag Titles.

They ran down a listing of matches they would love to have and Dax mentioned that he wants a one-on-one with Sting. He has pulled Sting aside and told him that.

Harwood: I still wanna have a freakin’ singles match with Sting. I actually pulled him to the side and I said, ‘Look, I do know what you’re thinking that your limitations are but when there’s ever a time you should go half-hour…’

** Latest WWE signee Valerie Loureda spoke with the HOT 97 outlet and further expressed her interest in working with Charlotte Flair. Loureda shared that Flair reached out to her as well.

Charlotte Flair [is who I’m excited to work with in WWE]. She actually followed me and she or he messaged me and I felt loads of support because once I went to WrestleMania [38], I used to be watching her and I just saw her star power, you recognize? The best way she was able to have interaction people, bring it in and I just thought it was so amazing so I’ve been studying her loads and once I was at my tryout in Orlando, I used to be like, ‘I’m nervous.’ She was like, ‘You’re okay. Tell coach Smiley I said hi’ and she or he was so cute. So I actually like her and I’ve been watching loads of her promos and the best way she works the mic and wrestles and just, I really like her.

** As WWE backstage interviewer Sarah Schreiber was about to introduce her guest on the 7/18 Monday Night Raw, Veer Mahaan appeared and startled Schreiber by saying ‘boo!’ He commented on that interaction during his chat with Every day Star and said they’re trying to point out the audience a distinct side of his character.

Why say a lot when you possibly can get it done saying so little, right? If that works, what else do we want? The response and support has been great [and] has created a buzz world wide. The world hasn’t seen my other side yet. Yes, we’re trying to point out the world that Veer Mahaan isn’t only a scary guy that walks around within the ring. We’re trying to point out our audience that Veer Mahaan just isn’t only a beast and an offended man, he has other sides.

For months, vignettes aired on WWE TV to advertise the arrival of Veer. He appeared on the Raw after WrestleMania 38. He said any frustration he felt during that waiting period was channeled to his work ethic.

At the tip of the day, I’m human as well. I waited and at times, it might be frustrating once you want something and also you don’t get it. But for me, all of the frustration and waiting went towards my work. I might watch clips of all the opposite superstars and educating myself on what they’re all about. But I never let that trouble me. I just let it motivate me much more because this isn’t my first ride, coming from track and field, to baseball, to coming here. Every thing I actually have been through in my life, and my struggles, has prepared me for higher things. It gets me here and there but it surely never really bothered me. It made me stronger.

** Wrestling Entertainment Series which is the start-up promotion ran by Gzim Selmani and Sunny Dhinsa, formerly generally known as ‘Rezar’ and ‘Akam’, had two show postponements/cancellations previously several months.

Dean Muhtadi (Mojo Rawley) is heading the Paragon Talent Agency and a handful of talent who were booked for WES events are signed to Muhtadi’s agency. He told Sports Illustrated that each one the Paragon talents were paid in full and now have additional flight credits for the cancelled trip to the UK.

I actually went to England early to enjoy a vacation with my fiancé, and thought if we could be certain that each talent with a signed contract was paid, no matter who they’re represented by, that may be a complete win. In the long run, WES sent additional funds for the U.K. talent with signed contracts, and the meet-and-greet was capable of sort out the remainder.

All of the Paragon Talent who had signed contracts were paid in full. Now they’ve additional flight credits, too. Afterwards, all of the talent we don’t represent said they’d like to work with us for a way the situation was handled.

Bottom line, there are promoters that reap the benefits of desperate talent who need these checks to survive. We all know many promoters are very shady; they don’t imagine in contracts, and a few short the talent. We wish our talent to wrestle only because they need to, not because they should. We wish to place them in a situation where we’ve secured them annual incomes comparable to or greater than their highest WWE salaries, and for several we’re doing exactly that. I don’t need to see my friends I shared a locker room with for a decade being cheated and shorted, and destroying their bodies in later stages of life because that is the one way they’ll pay their rent or feed their families. The brand deals and partnerships we now have created for our talent are much more lucrative than wrestling show rates, so we hope it allows the talent to be more careful with their bookings. The first motivation for Paragon was to point out the surface world what skilled wrestlers are able to—to take our guys with their very own unique abilities and talent for entertainment, and create a mainstream marketplace for them. And a very powerful element of Paragon is to finally have someone to guard the talent.

In terms of the opportunity of WES wanting to collaborate with Paragon for a future show, Muhtadi stated that if a show is indeed happening and the method is smoother, it could occur. He said Gzim and Sunny faced loads of aspects that were out of their control.

If we could make sure the show was going to occur and that the situation was going to proceed easily, then yes, I might love for us to be a part of it. Those guys faced loads of unlucky aspects and never all were inside their control. That they had a really unique global approach to wrestling that we loved. We weren’t just in search of a payday; we actually desired to see them succeed. We pride ourselves on our contracts, our timeliness and going above and beyond.

If we feel the subsequent show is in step with our vision, we will surely have open ears. We might just should have extra assurances for our talent and for the fans.

** Ahead of difficult for the ROH Women’s World Title at Death Before Dishonor, Serena Deeb appeared on Busted Open Radio. She further spoke about her time as a coach on the WWE Performance Center and feels her role was to uplift and encourage. She brought up that various women on the P.C. would get down on themselves because the mental a part of being within the wrestling business is just as tasking because the physical part.

It’s cool to look at WWE and see Bianca Belair and Rhea [Ripley] just, you recognize, two those that I used to be side-by-side with for years and I remember various women once I was on the P.C. just going through form of those self same lows, like low self-esteem, nothing’s happening and just continuously having to — I felt like my role as a coach there — because I feel like every coach form of checks a distinct box, you recognize? Like perhaps this person just isn’t so emotionally connected but they’ll teach the technical parts to a tee, or a personality or whatever but I all the time felt like my role there was to lift people up and to encourage people because the ladies would get really down and I totally understand it and you recognize, it happens continuously with like, girls could be upset and Tommy [Dreamer], you said the mental part is harder than the physical part.

At AEW Double or Nothing 2022, Serena Deeb went one-on-one with Thunder Rosa. Deeb said in her 17-year profession, that was her first-ever match on pay-per-view.

Circle forward, two years later, Double or Nothing, wrestling for the AEW Women’s Championship against Thunder Rosa, someone I greatly respect and you recognize, it was — and to be on the predominant card, that was actually — the rationale why that match is especially special to me is in my entire 17-year profession, that was my first-ever pay-per-view match. I actually have never wrestled on a pay-per-view. I’ve managed… Yeah, never wrestled on a pay-per-view. Managed, but that was really special for me in that sense and again, crowd was great and I feel we made some magic that night and I’m pleased with that. I’m proud to, you recognize… it’s ebbs and flows as everyone knows on this business but in that sense, in case you take a look at that Double or Nothing [against Riho] after which Double or Nothing two years later, that’s ebbs and flows but boom, definitely an ascension in that sense.

** While in Chicago for AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door, Chris Jericho sat down with Clark Connors and recorded an episode of Talk Is Jericho. Connors told the story of being on the L.A. Dojo and Katsuyori Shibata telling Alex Coughlin to proceed doing squats after the group finished their set. Shibata didn’t stop Coughlin until he got over 3,000.

One in all the times [at the camp], we weren’t really given any instruction of like what to do after camp or whatever it was. But considered one of the times, Alex [Coughlin], he was friends with a few of the guys at camp so he went to the beach afterwards, we’re in L.A., you recognize? And I remember Shibata-san was identical to, ‘Yesterday, why you no come back to your room?’ Or whatever it was and he was out a standard time but he went out afterwards and so we do our squats, the five hundred squats as a bunch with the entire camp after which Shibata-san points at Alex, he’s like, ‘You, keep squat’ and he goes, ‘Yes sir’ and he keeps squatting and we start doing rolls, whatever it was. We start doing bridges and you possibly can just hear it from the corner of the room. You only hear, ‘One thousand twenty one…’ because you could have to scream after every rep. ‘One thousand twenty two’ and to the purpose you forget. It was just noise, you recognize? I forgot he was even doing ‘em and we go, we start doing — and everybody’s type of looking over there going like, ‘Oh my God, this guy’s killing it. He’s at 1,000 right away,’ whatever it was after which we’re doing the subsequent drill, we’re getting water, he’s still squatting after which Shibata-san goes, ‘Okay! Lunch time!’ And all of us go to lunch and Alex continues to be — you simply hear, ‘Two thousand 2 hundred forty-one.’ [He didn’t stop] because Shibata-san didn’t tell him to stop. He said, ‘Keep going’ and no sh*t, we exit to lunch and Shibata-san comes out and I remember he looks at me and he goes, ‘Oh! Alex still squat?’ I used to be like, ‘Yeah.’ He goes, ‘Oh, what number of?’ I am going peek my head inside and he was like, ‘Two thousand nine hundred forty one.’ I used to be like, ‘Perhaps 2,941.’ He goes, ‘Hahahahahaha!’ He starts laughing and he goes, ‘Okay, perhaps 3,000 he stop’ and he said okay. So he did 3,000-plus squats.

** Steve ‘Finga Stylz’ welcomed Beer City Bruiser onto “Da” Podcast and Bruiser recalled the primary big ‘name’ he worked with within the wrestling business being The Honky Tonk Man and that have not going so well.

I remember the primary ‘name’ I wrestled was Honky Tonk Man and he was a whole asshole and I used to be like, okay, I get it, and that was just about — I used to be like, okay, so — it was considered one of those things where you don’t wanna meet your idols form of thing but thank God, all the blokes I looked as much as are amazing guys like Mick Foley, considered one of my idols and once I met him, he was amazing. Steve Corino is amazing. Harley [Race] was a Godsend. Harley was probably the best guy on the planet and didn’t have a foul bone in his body.

Within the pre-Tony Khan Ring of Honor, Bruiser was one-half of The Bouncers with Brian Milonas. Bruiser explained how they got here together and stated that referee Todd Sinclair had been pitching for them to be a team.

So with Brian [Milonas], Brian had done the tryout and I had met Brian because he had been coming to the Ring of Honor shows because he’s friends with loads of guys within the locker room and just talking to him forwards and backwards, we each realized we now have the identical interests. We’re each fathers, we’re each married men, we each just clicked. Now we have the identical interests and we’re just friendly after which we — he did the Top Prospect tournament after which him and I wrestled in Lowell, Massachusetts and we had this huge match and Ian Riccaboni on commentary, he said, ‘Are you able to imagine these two together?’ How unstoppable we’d be. Well, what we didn’t know was ‘pants’, Todd Sinclair, the referee was pitching the thought of us tagging together and him [Milonas] being the third guy for me and Silas [Young]. So then, that’s how he got put with us. So he wrestled Kenny King in Philadelphia, we ran out, we beat up Kenny, Brian’s now with us. Some stuff happened backstage with Silas where they were like, ‘We’re gonna separate you guys and get you guys away from him’ and that’s how we became a tag team and that’s how we became The Bouncers.

** The newest guest on ‘Out of Character with Ryan Satin’ is Madcap Moss. He detailed how the suspenders, no shirt and shorts look got here about for his on-screen character while teaming with Pleased Corbin. Moss said people in WWE were coming as much as him and telling him that they’d get him out of that attire, but he said it was effective and enjoyed dressing like that.

So the initial design [for the Madcap Moss gear] was their [WWE] idea. But, it matched up almost exactly with what I had just bought for the character by likelihood that week and I’m not a method guru in any respect. I don’t know a ton about fashion or style and [Happy] Corbin was out here in these great, fancy suits and tailored shirts and all these great looking — and he’s got his watch collection and his fedoras and so it was a bit intimidating. But then once they sent me the design that they’d in mind, I believed, yeah, that is different than what Corbin’s doing and I could make it my very own and pull it off after which as — so what happened was there was a SmackDown after Corbin and I had put Drew [McIntyre] out for a month and I got here out and pretended to be Drew, I dressed as Drew and so together with that, I had no shirt on and from that time on, as predicted by a few of the guys within the locker room, it was decided that I should not wear a shirt and that I also needs to switch from pants to shorts and so then it went from the unique design of long pants, long sleeve shirt with suspenders, form of like an old-timey jokester cracking jokes and pranking people and I believed it form of hit with the name ‘Madcap’ and ‘Pleased’. We were form of like old, Thirties gangsters after which suddenly, I used to be just wearing shorts and suspenders and I wasn’t entirely sure what the look was but the good thing was that folks could easily dress-play — or cosplay, sorry. Dress up as me and Corbin. One guy wears the fedora, one guy wears the suspenders. It was very unique and loads of people online complained about it but I feel loads of people liked it too and other people would come as much as me and be like, ‘Don’t worry, we’ll get you out of this soon’ and I used to be like, ‘You don’t should get me out of this. I really like this. That is great. I really like dressing like this.’ I just thought it was fun and unique and it got a response and I enjoyed doing it.

** Episode 585 of The Shining Wizards Wrestling Podcast includes an interview with independent talent AKIRA. He explained what the death match type of wrestling means to him and said if he’s to get signed to a contract, he’ll still do death matches at the identical rate he does now.

The deathmatch wrestlers of today are a few of the most effective wrestlers within the industry. I mean even a man like [Jon] Moxley on the market who’s a death match wrestler at heart and he’s going on the market and he’s top-of-the-line on this planet. Jun Kasai, Masashi Takeda, take away the death match, they’re still top-of-the-line on this planet.

I don’t view it as my ticket to get booked. I view it as death match wrestling was the vessel for AKIRA to evolve and evolution-nize himself into the individual that he’s today. I might not have met the people I’ve met, I wouldn’t have met Masha [Slamovich] and my life change into like the most effective thing ever without death match wrestling. I’m never going to not death match wrestle, I’ll say that. I don’t care if I get signed to IMPACT, Ring of Honor, AEW. I’m putting my foot down once I say I’m doing these because that is what I really like and that is what brought me to the dance and it’s my job, it’s other people’s jobs especially on this generation to raise the art of death match wrestling and show that, hey, we will go in a one-on-one setting with none weapons. We will do exactly pretty much as good, if not higher because we now have more battle scars, we now have more, I suppose, aesthetic than other people could bring to the table just with their hair. Now we have scars, we now have marks on our bodies and once you take a look at us, you recognize that we’re real.

** Newly crowned AEW World Tag Team Champions Keith Lee and Swerve Strickland are celebrating their title win on tonight’s Fyter Fest edition of Dynamite.

** Following Cora Jade’s segment on the 7/19 NXT 2.0 which concluded along with her dropping the NXT Women’s Tag belt within the trash, Alundra Blayze (Madusa) tweeted at Jade and noted that it was an excellent promo.

** Keiji Muto posted an image of Shinsuke Nakamura, Kazuchika Okada, actor Kenji Sakaguchi and himself out together.


— 武藤 敬司 (@muto_keiji) July 20, 2022

** Together with Ryusuke Taguchi, Togi Makabe also appears within the film ‘Kingdom 2: To the Far Land’.

** Prior to The Miz versus Logan Paul being made official for WWE SummerSlam, Miz was interviewed by Los Angeles Magazine.

** July twentieth birthdays: Evil Uno.

If any of the quotes from the next podcasts or video interviews are used, please credit those sources and supply an H/T and link back to POST Wrestling for the transcriptions.

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