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wwe nxt july 19

This week’s WWE NXT featured a 20-woman battle royal to earn a title shot and the NXT UK Tag Team Titles were on the road as well.

As usual, I’ll go summary style for the matches as an alternative of a play-by-play review. I’ll do play-by-play for the most important event.

This episode is happening on the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. Follow me on Twitter @johnreport. My WWE NXT Review archive is here. Let’s get to it.

The opening video package showed highlights from last week’s show when Cora Jade turned on best friend and fellow Women’s Tag Team Champion Roxanne Perez during Roxanne’s match against Mandy Rose for the NXT Women’s Title. Good job of editing the botched broken skateboard attack.

The commentary team was Vic Joseph and Wade Barrett as usual.

Cameron Grimes vs. JD McDonagh

That is JD’s first match since coming to NXT. He used to wrestle as Jordan Devlin in NXT UK. They exchanged kicks with JD kicking the leg while Grimes got a few kicks to the chest. Grimes hit a back body drop together with a high kick knocking JD off the apron to the ground. JD did a singular leg trip resulting in a twisting splash. JD wrenched on the left leg lots while applying an Ankle Lock. Grimes fought back with a cross body block off the highest rope while Joe Gacy was looking on from the platform within the constructing.


Grimes got some offense going with a knee to the ribs and a running kick. JD took control again by ramming Cameron’s left knee against the ring post. JD worked over the leg for a bit, but Grimes got here back with a spinning side slam. Grimes really got some offense going with a superkick because the fans got here alive. JD managed with a headbutt, but Grimes hit a knee to the face and each guys were down because the fans chanted “that is awesome” for them. JD with a forearm resulting in Grimes getting his left knee trapped against the ropes. JD kicked on the leg repeatedly. JD with a high angle belly to back suplex for the pinfall win. They got about 13 minutes.

Winner by pinfall: JD McDonagh

Evaluation: ***1/2 I believed it was a terrific match. It was smart to have JD get the win since he’s just starting out in NXT while he already attacked Bron Breakker a couple of weeks ago, so you would possibly as well put him over in a match like this. Grimes was terrific because the babyface that kept fighting back while coping with the injured knee and the fans loved him. The finish might have been different with JD winning by submission by working on the knee as an alternative of slam on the back. I just think in the event you work on the knee for many of the match then it ought to be a part of the finish.

There was a promo from Nikkita Lyons talking about how she was going to win the battle royal most important event.

Cora Jade was shown walking backstage for a promo after the break.


Tiffany Stratton did a promo in regards to the battle royal later. Tiffany did her annoying voice routine saying she was going to be the following NXT Women’s Champion.

Let’s Hear from Cora Jade

Cora Jade made her entrance with the NXT Women’s Tag Team Title on her right shoulder. The fans booed her. Cora told the fans to “shut the hell up” since she’s a heel now. Cora said she must have stabbed her best friend within the back sooner. Cora claimed she was the face of the NXT Women’s Division for the last 12 months while talking about all of the praise people gave her. Cora said after she got Roxanne within the door, your attention went from Cora to Roxanne. Cora said at Great American Bash, she finally became a champion along with her best friend. Cora complained about how half-hour later, Roxanne decides to money in her contract and take a look at to beat Mandy for the NXT Women’s Championship. Cora told the fans to go to hell for chanting “Roxy two belts” last week. Cora claimed that Roxanne used her to get into NXT and called Roxanne a “selfish bitch.” Cora admitted that she was the one which attacked Roxanne within the parking zone. The plan was in place for Cora to get the title shot, but then Roxanne got here back to damage the moment. Cora said it felt so good to hit her within the back with the title.

Cora said that Roxanne isn’t there tonight because of a broken heart. Cora said there wasn’t a lady within the battle royal that might beat her. Cora said that this title represents a lie. Cora talked about how the title marks the tip of naïve Cora Jade and the start of the brand new Generation of Jade because she’s wired a bit otherwise today. Cora dropped the title right into a trash can. Ouch. Barrett called it probably the most disrespectful thing he has seen prior to now 25 years and a slap within the face to anybody that has won a championship on this industry. Jade left to boos.

Evaluation: I believed it was an efficient heel promo explaining why she did what she did, her history with Roxanne and why she now not cares in regards to the Women’s Tag Team Title she won with Roxanne. It got her quite a lot of heat identical to it was purported to. Barrett’s line about probably the most disrespectful thing with a title is a reference to Madusa tossing the WWF/E WOmen’s Title right into a trash can on WCW Nitro.

Xyon Quinn was interviewed by Mckenzie Mitchell. Quinn said good for Cora since she didn’t need Perez. Quinn said next week he finally gets what he wants – a match against Apollo Crews. Quinn said Crews couldn’t cut it in the massive leagues, but that’s okay because not everybody has the X-Factor like he does and Quinn said it’ll be on full display next week.

Roderick Strong entered for singles motion.


There was a promo from Indi Hartwell talking about how she’s going to win the battle royal.

Roderick Strong vs. Damon Kemp

Strong is the mentor to Kemp within the Diamond Mine group. Kemp showed off his power with a spinning slam and elbow drop for 2. Strong lifted up Kemp with a gutbuster slam onto the knee. Strong was on top of things for a couple of minutes. Kemp got a knee as much as block a Strong attack and hit a clothesline together with a suplex across the ring. They did a double clothesline spot to knock each guys down. Tony D’Angelo appeared on the screen where it was shown that Tony and his crew were beating up The Creed Brothers, so it was 4 on 2. Kemp desired to go help his guys, but Strong hit a jumping knee to the face for the pinfall win. It went about six minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Roderick Strong

Evaluation: **1/2 A solid match here with Kemp using his power moves throughout the match, however the crafty veteran Strong got the win. It was also an affordable win since Strong took advantage of Kemp the video screen and that allowed Strong to hit the jumping knee.

They showed the Pretty Deadly duo of talking about how great they looked. They said it was time to “Cowboy Up” to get back the NXT UK Tag Team Titles.

Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen were shown talking with Fallon Henley. They were enthusiastic about their first NXT UK Tag Team Title defense. Jensen said they’ll give them a “country ass whooping.”


The Creed Brothers were shown backstage with Julius helping up Brutus. Roderick Strong showed up, The Creed Brothers said that they got jumped and Strong said that they need to have beat them up. Damon Kemp showed up, so Strong yelled at him for not getting there sooner. Strong said that Tony D began this, but they’re going to complete it.

Evaluation: It’s going to establish an eight-man tag team match between the 2 teams.

Pretty Deadly had on some cowboy-style outfits to mock the country-loving champions Briggs & Jensen. The fans were solidly behind Briggs & Jensen during their entrance.

NXT UK Tag Team Championships: Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen (w/Fallon Henley) vs. Pretty Deadly (Kit Wilson & Elton Prince)

Jensen was aggressive against Prince (blonde hair) to begin the match, but Prince tagged in with a forearm to the back. Briggs got the tag resulting in a double team shoulder tackle by the champions together with double punches to the face. They did a spot where Jensen sent Prince out of the ring and Prince bumped into Henley, who bumped to the ground, so Briggs and Jensen didn’t like that.


The match returned with the challengers taking on as they worked over Jensen within the heel corner. Pretty Deadly did a double suplex in order that Jensen’s ribs went across the highest rope. Prince kept Jensen isolated with a front headlock after which he let go resulting in a running forearm. Jensen avoided a corner attack, in order that led to Briggs making the new tag. Briggs was on fire with a boot to the face, sidewalk slam and a splash. Prince and Briggs did a double cross body block spot. After they got up, they did a double clothesline spot. Prince gave Wilson one in every of the Tag Team Titles, then he threw the opposite title into Briggs and Jensen kicked Wilson while on the ground. Henley managed to get the title from Wilson, the referee was that and Jensen/Briggs did a high low clothesline/chop block double team move for the pinfall win. Jensen was illegally within the ring, however the referee never saw it. This went about 12 minutes.

Winners by pinfall: Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen

Evaluation: *** I believed it was a fairly good tag team match. The heels isolated one in every of the faces for many of it, then there was the massive comeback and a few nearfalls after that. The faces managed to avoid the cheating by the heels and Briggs-Jensen hit the massive double team move for the win. That was an excellent example of how you utilize a referee distraction to do a double team move to win a match. Yes, it was a babyface team doing it, however it was also because they were attempting to stop the heels from cheating. Once I watch AEW shows, they never attempt to do moves behind the referee and as an alternative they only do it right front of the referee. That’s a frustrating thing after I watch AEW. I don’t mean to trash AEW here, but I needed to point it out using this instance.

Joe Gacy talked to his two Dyad members about how they’ve followed his guidance over the past ten weeks. Gacy said it’s time for them to emerge and told them there is no such thing as a going back. Gacy revealed it was the previous Grizzled Young Veterans with latest names – Jagger Reid and Rip Fowler. They talked about finding joy in truly being recognized. Gacy welcomed them home.

Evaluation: I figured it might be the GYV guys with latest names. It’s no more James Drake and Zack Gibson. They’re talented in-ring performers, so hopefully these latest names work out for them.

Bron Breakker was shown with the NXT Title within the parking zone. Bron was in search of JD McDonagh and was pointed to enter the constructing.


Wes Lee was interviewed by Mckenzie Mitchell. Lee talked about Grayson Waller complaining about him and he’s heard worse from folks that he actually respects. Lee said that next week, Waller can blame himself for his loss next week after which he’s going to beat Trick Williams after that.

Let’s Hear from Bron Breakker

The NXT Champion Bron Breakker made his entrance with some kinesio tape on his right shoulder. Bron was wearing a tank top and jeans. Bron said at Great American Bash, he went toe to toe with Cameron Grimes and he respected Bron for standing as much as him. Bron brought up JD McDonagh doing an affordable attack and putting Bron through a table. Bron told JD that he’s got Bron’s attention and he’ll pay for what he did to Bron.

JD did a promo on the video screen. JD said that he was studying Bron and he faced a great deal of great competitors. JD said that they were competing against Bron, but he’s going to dissect him. JD mentioned the human shoulder has eight major muscles while talking in front of a dummy. JD said that he knows exactly the way to tear tendon from the bone. JD said that there’s only a lot trauma before the human brain shuts off. JD wondered if Bron desires to risk his health for that title. Bron told JD to fight him and if he can’t fight his balls, he should take some from the mannequin. JD said that a needed evil has arrived in NXT. JD said until the following time they see eachother, Bron should deal with that shoulder. Bron said you could take his shoulder and Bron will beat his ass over the top with it. Bron left.

Evaluation: It sure looks like they’re increase this as the following NXT Title feud. JD should need to win a match to get a title shot. It’s a little bit of a unique angle with JD talking about taking out body parts just like the shoulder, however it also puts him over as a more cerebral wrestler that’s going to try to select apart his greater opponent. I believed Bron did a pleasant job of showing intensity here.

They showed Solo Sikoa at Smackdown in Orlando last Friday. Von Wagner attacked Solo from behind and so they got right into a brawl. Wagner threw Solo right into a steel door repeatedly. Wagner said that he just put the road champion on his ass.

Axiom’s debut is next.


The Diamond Mine group were interviewed by Mckenzie Mitchell. The Creed Brothers were screaming about what happened. Roderick Strong ripped on Tony D’s silly hat and he said that that is the strongest family in NXT. Julius Creed told Tony to simply accept the offer and so they beat their ass or they reject the offer, but Diamon Mine will still beat their ass.

Evaluation: Good intensity by Julius Creed there.

Axiom vs. Dante Chen

They’d some slow-motion style clips while Axiom made his entrance. Axiom is the previous A-Kid with a mask. Chen got some early offense including a backbreaker together with forearms to the back. Axiom hit a formidable spinning DDT and a Pele Kick. Axiom hit an ideal looking cross body block followed by a jumping superkick for the pinfall win after about three minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Axiom

Evaluation: *1/2 A formidable debut by Axiom when it comes to hitting some athletic moves. The finisher looked good, however it’s not prefer it was a singular move.

There was a promo from Lash Legend talking in regards to the 20-woman battle royal and talked trash about Alba Fyre as well.


Giovanni Vinci was shown outside earlier today. A lady asked him for an image, so Vinci took an image of himself. Vinci denied her a photograph with him. Chase U parked their bus in front of Vinci’s profession, so then the Chase U students chanted “CHASE U” repeatedly and Vinci was frustrated by it.

They showed NXT North American Champion Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams on the barber shop talking to a few of their friends. They talked trash about a number of the wrestlers. Hayes got a text telling Williams that Wes Lee was talking trash about Trick. Williams laughed about it. It ended with Melo telling the barber to deal with Trick’s hair.

Next week on NXT:

* Grayson Waller vs. Wes Lee

* Apollo Crews vs. Xyon Quinn

* 8-Man Tag Team Match: Diamond Mine vs. The D’Angelo Family

The Toxic Attraction trio of Mandy Rose, Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jayne were interviewed by Mckenzie Mitchell. Rose said that Tatum Paxley was going to win, Mitchell asked why her and Rose said whoever wins will probably be one and done. The promo was interrupted by Ivy Nile, Kiana James and Alba Fyre all talking about how they were going to win.

It was time for the 20-woman battle royal with Alba Fyre making her entrance first with Wade saying she is his pick.


Cameron Grimes was asked about his tough match earlier within the show. Grimes yelled about his recent losses while saying he said “not now” prior to now and he said it again. Grimes yelled about how he desires to go home. Joe Gacy walked as much as Grimes saying he knows what he’s going through, Grimes said “not now” again and he left the constructing.

There have been more entrances shown for the ladies’s battle royal.

Tony D’Angelo was interviewed by Mckenzie Mitchell with Tony saying that Diamond Mine shouldn’t be the strongest unit in NXT. Tony said they accepted the offer, yell all you wish and said that next week, Diamond Mine is finished.

They showed a couple of more entrances for the ladies’s battle royal including Cora Jade and Zoey Stark, who’s back after missing a few 12 months after a torn ACL knee injury. Good to see her back. Stark is a surprise entrant within the match.

It looks like everybody within the above graphic was within the match apart from Sarray, so I assume Zoey Stark took her spot.

20-Woman Battle Royal

The winner of this match gets an NXT Women’s Title match against Mandy Rose.

Cora Jade tried to run away, so Ivy Nile chased her and Jade ran to the back. Nile was the primary one to do an elimination with a jumping kick on Amari Miller to eliminate Miller. Arianna Grace was celebrating on the apron, so Indi Hartwell kicked her off the apron to the ground. Legend lifted up Fyre for a Powerbomb, but then Fyre did a headscissors sending Legend out of the ring and Fyre went excessive to the ground as well. Choo fell off the apron to the ground, but Wendy landed on a pillow on the ground and got back in. Stark countered a back body drop eliminating Leon, then Stark threw Feroz onto Leon and Stark kicked them down. Kiana James kicked Fallon Henley to eliminate her. Tiffany Stratton used the cup to knock Wendy Choo all the way down to eliminate her.


They showed replays of a couple of eliminations throughout the break including Elektra Lopez. The team of Probability and Carter eliminated Ivy Nile, but then Nile pulled Probability down and Lyons knocked Carter off the apron to eliminate her. Tatum Paxley was coping with Nikkita Lyons within the ring, then she saw Carter/Probability stomping on Nile, so Paxley jumped excessive with a slingshot cross body block to take out Carter/Probability on the ground. That meant that Paxley eliminated herself to prove her loyalty to Nile. There have been five women left together with Cora Jade, who wasn’t within the ring. Hartwell went for a kick on Stratton, who moved and Hartwell bumped excessive to the ground.

The 4 women left were within the corners: Zoey Stark, Nikkita Lyons, Kiana James and Tiffany Stratton. There was also Cora Jade, who was not within the ring. Lyons tried to eliminate Stratton, but James got involved and Lyons splashed James. Lyons with a suplex on Stark across the ring and a spinning back kick. Lyons with a spin kick on James to eliminate James, but then Stratton dumped out Lyons! I feel quite a lot of people picked Lyons to win (including me), in order that drew a giant pop. Stark sent Stratton excessive to the apron, Stratton got back in and Starks hit a clothesline excessive, but just one foot hit the ground. Stratton went for a handspring corner move, but Stark caught her and suplexed Stratton. Stark lifted Stratton excessive to the apron and Stark hit Stratton with a forearm to eliminate her. Cora Jade finally went back into the ring, she charged at Stark and Stark gave Jade a back body drop excessive to the ground, so Jade was eliminated. Zoey Stark wins after 13 minutes.

Winner: Zoey Stark

Evaluation: *** That was a fairly good battle royal that was booked well. Stark did a terrific job as a babyface that was capable of overcome all the things and even removed a charging Jade. I believed Lyons was going to win, so when Stratton eliminated her it was a giant surprise to me. The way in which they booked Jade was really low-cost since she left at the beginning and got here back at the tip, which is an excellent strategy in theory, however it didn’t work.

Post match, Zoey Stark stared up at Mandy Rose of Toxic Attraction since that’s going to an upcoming NXT Women’s Title match. The show ended there.

Evaluation: There isn’t a date announced for the match, but there may be a rumor that there will probably be an NXT Premium Live Event in late August, in order that’s when they may do this match.


Three Stars of the Show

  1. Zoey Stark – Welcome back.
  2. JD McDonagh/Cameron Grimes
  3. Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen


The Scoreboard

This week: 7 out of 10

Last week: 5.75


Final Thoughts

I believed it was an excellent show this week with higher matches than what we typically get during some NXT episodes.

The McDonagh/Grimes match to open the show was the most effective of the night while the ladies’s battle royal and NXT Tag Team Title match were each fun to observe. Higher matches result in a greater show. Imagine that.

It was good to see Zoey Stark back after missing about nine months with a knee injury. They booked her really strong by winning the ladies’s battle royal most important event. I believed it may be Nikkita Lyons to win, however it didn’t occur. I like Zoey too, so the alternative is advantageous with me.


Thanks for reading. Go Toronto Blue Jays. My contact info is below.

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