WWE MONDAY NIGHT RAW: Doucette’s alt-perpspective report

WWE MONDAY NIGHT RAW: Doucette’s alt-perpspective report


JULY 18, 2022

WWE Raw Commentators: Corey Graves, Kevin Patrick, & Byron Saxton

Ring Announcer: Mike Rome


-The rating in the beginning of the show was listed as TV-PG despite rumblings of TV-14 expected to return this week. 

-WWE Global Ambassador Titus O’Neil was within the ring to greet the fans. Titus received a warm response from the gang. Titus said he thought he reached his biggest height in pro wrestling by receiving the Warrior Award, but then he became WWE’s Global Ambassador. Titus said the world needs more goodwill. Titus also mentioned helping the less fortunate and supporting the armed forces. Titus said since everyone in WWE is about spreading goodwill, you won’t ever hear them talking about race, religion, or politics. Titus called WWE a shelter for everybody to have an excellent time. Titus proceeded to welcome everyone to Monday Night Raw. 

(Doucette’s Evaluation: This was weird. WWE hastalked about race, religion, and politics more timesthan I can count. I guessthey meant going forward? Even that I’m doubtful of. This was completely tone deaf. Considering all the good things Titus has done, I hate seeing him being an element of this. I guessthis wassome form of cover for the Vince McMahon scandal.) 

-Jimmy Smith, Corey Graves, & Byron Saxton were shown at ringside. Smith threw to a video package aired showing the match between Bianca Belair and Carmella last week. The main focus was Becky Lynch’s promo prior to the match and interference within the match causing Belair to be counted out. 

-Becky Lynch made her entrance to the ring in a cut off hoodie that looked like a straightjacket. Becky welcomed the gang to the large time. Becky referenced The Little Engine That Could. Becky said she just isn’t somewhat blue train, however the Big Time Becks Express. Becky said she rolled right over Asuka and he or she couldn’t be stopped. Becky said the fans

have to get off at “appreciation station” when she becomes Raw Women’s Championship. Boos sounded from the gang in response to that. Becky said the winner of the Carmella-Belair rematch tonight will face her at SummerSlam. 

Belair’s music hit and he or she got here out to the stage to interrupt. Belair called out Becky for distracting her and causing her to get counted out. “E.S.T.” chants rang out from the gang. Belair accused Becky of attempting to take the main target from Belair to place it on herself. Belair said this isn’t the Becky Lynch comeback story from WrestleMania, but Belair’s comeback story from last yr’s SummerSlam. Belair called it the bottom moment of her profession in being surprised and beaten by Becky. Belair said she has been working since then to redeem her status and he or she did just that. Belair said after beating Carmella, she’s going to kick Becky’s caboose back to Ireland, and ended with “choo choo”. 

Carmella made her entrance next, calling herself a “Badass with an important ass”. Carmella bragged about her countout win from the previous week. Carmella said if Belair gets counted out within the match tonight she can be the following Raw champion. Belair interrupted and said she was uninterested in all of the talking and commenced the “Strongest, the fastest, the roughest, the hardest, fastest”spiel, but was attacked by Carmella and Becky. Graves noted about Belair, “She doesn’t have to remind us; she tells us every week”. Belair began to fight back, but was laid out by Becky with a Manhandle Slam. Graves pleaded for the match to start out while Belair was down. [c] 

(Doucette’s Evaluation: Gravessaid exactly whatsome people have been desirous about Belair. That aside, Belair did well here overall. Nevertheless, when she began saying her catchphrase quickly and got attacked, it made her look bad. WWE is doing her no favorsthough. They need to put her in a setting where she doesn’t feel rushed to talk. Itseemsshe is alwaysin a brief segment with multiple people attempting to get promosin. On just a few minor notes, Carmella was annoying and Becky’s promo was more heelish, but uninteresting. The train references were quite lame.) 

-Back from break, a replay was shown of the attack on Belair. Belair and Carmella were within the ring as Belair struggled to get to her feet within the corner and was asked by the referee if she still desired to compete within the match. Belair replied that she could still compete as Becky was now shown on the commentary desk. 

(1)BIANCA BELAIR vs. CARMELLA – Raw Title match 

The commentators noted that the title can change hands by countout along with pinfall and submission. Carmella had the early advantage on account of Belair still reeling from the pre-match attack. Belair began to make a comeback with a backbreaker and a fallaway

slam. Carmella rolled out of the ring and Belair followed. At that moment, Becky got up from the commentary desk and distracted Belair. Becky remarked she got up to go with Belair’s boots when questioned by Saxton. Belair attempted to deliver the K.O.D. on the skin of the ring, but Carmella threw Belair into the ringpost. Carmella landed a superkick and threw Belair into the timekeeper’s area to attempt to get a countout victory. Nevertheless, Belair got back into the ring on the count of seven. Carmella blocked a Belair headscissors attempt and threw her outside into the ring steps. Graves was hysterical on the prospect of Carmella getting a victory. Belair was down until the count of eight this time and leapt back into the ring. [c] 

Back from industrial, Belair backed Carmella into the corner repeatedly. Carmella grabbed Belair’s braid, but Belair countered with a dropkick. Belair nailed Carmella with a punch and a backflip splash for a two count. Carmella a two count from a catapult together with her foot on the ropes. Carmella got one other two count after a superkick. Belair fought back with a jawbreaker and caught Carmella on an attempted crossbody right into a suplex. Carmella surprised Belair with a facebuster for a two count. Carmella slapped Belair and talked trash, which riled her up. Belair executed the K.O.D. for the three count. 

WINNER: Bianca Belair in 11:00. 

-After the match, Becky grabbed the Raw title belt and held it up, which provoked boos from the gang. Becky then dropped the belt at Belair’s feet and walked off. The Belair-Becky title match from SummerSlam was announced as official. Graves was upset he needed to cancel celebration plans for he and Carmella for the second time. 

(Doucette’s Evaluation: The post match interaction was rather more interesting than the rest that happened prior to it.) 

-Footage from Smackdown aired of the match between The Street Profits and The Usos last Friday. This time, The Street Profits won the match despite Jimmy Uso’s shoulder being up throughout the three count. Adam Pearce was shown saying because of this there must be a special referee for his or her SummerSlam rematch. The special referee was revealed as Jeff Jarrett. 

-Sarah Schreiber was shown backstage to interview The Street Profits. Angelo Dawkins seemed excited to have Jarrett because the special referee. Dawkins referenced Jarrett’s old name-spelling gimmick and “slapnuts”. Dawkins said if The Uso’s step out of line they may catch a guitar to the back. Montez Ford said the Profits will walk out of Nashville the brand new tag team champions. M.V.P. and Omos interrupted and mocked Dawkins for being pinned

by Omos last week. Dawkins called M.V.P. only a hype man and told them to step up. M.V.P. said he wasn’t properly attired to wrestle, but challenged Dawkins to face Omos one-on-one. 

-Kevin Owens made his entrance to the ring for the K.O. Show. Riddle was set to be his guest. [c] 

-Owens was within the ring and said the K.O. Show was back. Owens said he would say where he has been, but introduced Riddle first. Riddle got here all the way down to the ring, fist-bumping some fans along the best way. Riddle versus Seth Rollins was announced as being an official match for SummerSlam. Riddle thanked Owens for bringing him onto the show. Riddle said Owens promised him a Mountain Dew Baja Blast, to which Owens said he had no idea what Riddle was talking about. Owens said he has been obsessive about proving Ezekiel was Elias; he drove himself crazy and needed to step away. Owens said he went on a nature retreat to search out inner peace. Owens said while watching Raw while he was away, he was impressed by Riddle’s cool, calm, collected demeanor and desired to be that way himself. Owens noted that he doesn’t know if Riddle has any assistance in being that way. Owens also noted he doesn’t care about Ezekiel, Elias, or Elrod, but he hopes they fail miserably. Owens then said that he brought Riddle out to speak in regards to the match with Seth Rollins. Owens said he lost Rollins as his best friend like Riddle lost Randy. Owens then pitched a Bro-K.O. tag team with Riddle. A small “Bro-K.O.” chant rang out. Riddle called Owens the “Biggest liar he knows”. Owens said he understands, but he’s turned over a latest leaf. Owens said Riddle trusted Randy Orton who’s infamously untrustworthy. Riddle got upset and got in Owens’ face, then the ”Burn it down” a part of Rollins’ music played after which stopped. Owens said he had nothing to do with that. Then. Rollins’ full music played and Rollins attacked Riddle from behind and gave him the Stomp. Rollins posed within the ring as Riddle laid face down on the mat. 

(Doucette’s Evaluation: I liked that Owens explained his absence and tied it in with Riddle. I’m also glad Riddle didn’t juststupidly trust Owens. Down the road there could possibly be an interesting Rollins-Owens vs. R-K-Bro program.) 

-Footage from last Monday aired of The Judgment Day confronting Rey and Dominik Mysterio prior to a match where Finn Balor defeated Rey Mysterio. Damian Priest was set to face Rey in a match on the opposite side of the break. [c] 

-Backstage, Kevin Patrick caught up with Seth Rollins. Patrick asked Rollins why he’s targeting Riddle. Rollins said because Riddle is stupidity and arrogance is driving him insane. Rollins called Riddle silly for trusting Orton and refusing Owens’ help for

SummerSlam. Rollins continued to call Riddle silly for pondering he can beat him at SummerSlam. Ezekiel confronted Rollins for attacking Riddle. Rollins said he can attack anyone he wants including Ezekiel’s “silly brothers”. Ezekiel told Rollins to not discuss his family. Rollins told Ezekiel to remain out of his business. Ezekiel replied, “I’m in your online business and business is about to select up”. Rollins said he hoped so and walked away while cackling. 

(Doucette’s Evaluation: I suppose Ezekiel issupposed to be form of a corny 80’s midcard guy, especially with that “businessis about to select up” line. It really works nice for me though.) 

-Balor and Priest were within the ring. Priest told the gang to rise for The Judgment Day. Priest said he and Balor selected to not attack Dominik last week. Priest guaranteed that tonight Dominik will join The Judgment Day. Priest told Dominik to drop Rey because he’s holding him back. Priest referenced kicking Edge out of the group and the footage aired. Balor said he could watch that footage over and once again. Rey and Dominik’s music interrupted they usually walked onto the stage. Graves commented that Balor has to have seen that footage three thousand times like all of us have. [c] 

(Doucette’s Evaluation: Thanks again to Corey Gravesfor acknowledging the obviousin Priest & Balor continuously playing the Edge attack footage. Nevertheless, it issuccessfully annoying and The Judgment Day has had higher promos and crowd reactionsthe past two weeks.) 


(2) DAMIAN PRIEST (w/Finn Balor) vs. REY MYSTERIO (w/Dominik Mysterio) Priest dominated the match early until Rey fought back with a bulldog. A crossbody from Rey only got a one count. Rey landed a DDT on Priest for a two count. Rey signaled from the 6-1-9, but Balor jumped onto the apron from a distraction. Dominik went after Balor, but Balor shoved him into the barricade. Rey dropkicked Balor and arrange the 6-1-9 on Priest again, but Priest countered with a superkick for a two count. Rey countered a Priest chokeslam right into a successful 6-1-9 this time. Afterwards, Rey tried a seated senton from the highest rope, but Priest executed a Crucifix Powerbomb on Rey for the three count. 

WINNER: Damian Priest in 5:00. 

-Priest and Balor armed with a chair, surrounded Rey who was knocked out and told Domink he would join The Judgment Day or they’d take Rey’s head off. Dominik jumped into the ring and said he would join to save lots of Rey. Priest mocked Dominik for

wanting to affix now and said it doesn’t work that way. Balor hit Dominik with the chair, but Rey and Dominik escaped the ring. 

-A recap aired of Rollins’ attack on Riddle earlier. Rollins then made his entrance to the ring. [c] 

-A mysterious promo aired. A Mick-Foley flannel shirt, a John Cena hat, and an old NWO-style Randy Orton shirt were shown. Red liquid from a goblet was shown getting used to mark a canvas. 

(Doucette’s Evaluation: The silhouette shown is now clearly Edge.) 

-Rollins was within the ring and Ezekiel made his entrance to the ring. A recap from two weeks ago was shown where Ezkekiel squirted ketchup on Rollins’ white shirt at The Street Profits Fourth of July party. Rollins was shown defeating Ezekiel in a match later that very same night. 


Rollins and Ezekiel began with some chain wrestling as Graves hyped Logan Paul’s upcoming appearance. Rollins gained the upper hand briefly, but Ezekiel took over with a flapjack. Ezekiel blocked a dive to the skin by Rollins and went to the highest rope. Rollins stopped this, and caught Ezekiel with a springboard knee to the back. [c] 

Back from the industrial, Rollins continued to work on Ezekiel. Rollins attempted a springboard, but Ezekiel surprised Rollins with a knee to the face for a two count. Ezekiel went to the highest rope, but Rollins caught him with a superplex right into a Falcon Arrow for 2. Rollins tried a Pedigree, but Ezekiel rolled him up for a two count. Rollins was in a position to catch Ezekiel off guard with a Stomp for the three count. 

WINNER: Seth Rollins in 12:00. 

(Doucette’s Evaluation: This wasthe same match they’d just a few weeks ago. Even the identical result. Rollins getting one other win is sweet though. ) 

-A recap aired of Omos pinning Dawkins within the six man tag match from last week. Backstage, Omos and M.V.P. were backstage. The Usos approached them and overvalued Omos’ size. The Usos said they’d get a front row seat for the beatdown.

-The Usos made their entrance to the ring because the match between Omos and Dawkins was hyped as being next. [c] 

-A recap aired of Damian Priest defeating Rey Mysterio earlier. A graphic aired for Rey’s twentieth Anniversary Celebration next week in Madison Square Garden next week. 

-Balor and Priest were backstage. Balor said they might see all the way through Dominik and he failed the test. Priest said they knew Dominik only said he would join them to save lots of his dad and he should’ve hit Rey with a chair as a substitute. Priest and Balor challenged The Mysterios to a match next week in Madison Square Garden. 

-Omos and M.V.P. made their entrance. Backstage, The Street Profits were getting overvalued after which made their entrance as well. 

(4a) OMOS (w/M.V.P.) vs. ANGELO DAWKINS (w/Montez Ford) 

Omos dominated Dawkins to start out. Ford pulled Omos’ leg behind the referee’s back and made a yipping noise to distract Omos. Dawkins was in a position to get some offense in on Omos, but got tripped up by M.V.P. for the disqualification. 

WINNER: Angelo Dawkins by disqualification in 1:00. 

-M.V.P. protested the disqualification and the commentators noted that Ford pulled Omos’ leg, but it surely was behind the referee’s back. Adam Pearce got here out to the stage and said he heard M.V.P. mentioned earlier he desired to wrestle the Profits. Pearce made a tag team match of The Street Profits versus Omos and M.V.P official. [c] 

(4b) THE STREET PROFITS (Angelo Dawkins & Montez Ford) vs. OMOS & M.V.P. Omos was dominating Dawkins within the ring as M.V.P. was on the apron still in a suit, minus his jacket. M.V.P. was tagged in and took advantage of Dawkins weakened state. M.V.P. scored only a one count from a Ballin’ elbow drop. Dawkins punched M.V.P. and tagged in Ford, while M.V.P. tagged in Omos. Ford screamed when Omos got here after him, but hit him with some kicks. Omos hit Ford with an enormous boot for a two count when Dawkins broke up the count. Dawkins and M.V.P. brawled at ringside. Dawkins threw M.V.P. into The Usos. The Usos tried to leap into the ring, however the Profits hit Omos with a double superkick. Ford hit Omos with a Frog splash, but it surely only got a one count. Ford went back to the highest rope, but was shoved off by Jey Uso. 

WINNERS: The Street Profits by disqualification in 5:00.

(Doucette’s Evaluation: Nothing much here in either match. Nevertheless, the Street Profits-Usosstory wasfurthered. I’m notsure why Omosis being featured so heavily as an element of the story. Also, Jeff Jarrett?! I get that SummerSlam isin Nashville, but he should’ve been interjected into the story by some means as well.) 

-Ford and Dawkins were superkicked by The Usos. then double chokeslammed by Omos. Graves remarked we might have Jeff Jarrett, Jerry Jarrett, a Dundee, and half of Nashville to keep up order within the match at SummerSlam. The Usos posed with the belts over the fallen bodies of the Profits. 

-Sarah Schreiber was interrupted by Veer Mahaan before she could introduce him. Veer checked out the camera sideways, said “boo”, laughed, smiled, and walked away. Schreiber then introduced The Miz. Miz said he thinks Veer likes Schreiber. Miz hopes Logan Paul will withdraw his challenge for SummerSlam they usually can turn into tag team champions. 

Schreiber asked what if Paul doesn’t. Miz said Paul will turn into his enemy and if he didn’t like being his partner, he’ll discover why he doesn’t need to be his enemy. 

(Doucette’s Evaluation: I suppose Veer is officially a comedy character now!) 

-Theory made his entrance to the ring and took selfies with the Money within the Bank briefcase. [c] 

-A graphic aired for america title match between Theory and Bobby Lashely at SummerSlam. 


-Theory had a microphone and said he wanted to handle some things before wiping the mat with A.J. Styles. Theory said at SummerSlam he’ll regain america title and cash-in on whatever is left of either Brock Lesnar or Roman Reigns after their Last Man Standing match. “What” chants began in the gang. Theory got offended and mocked them for it. Theory said he can be the brand new Unified champion because Reigns and Lesnar will destroy one another. Theory referred to what Lesnar did last week as proof. Footage aired of Lesnar beating down Chad Gable and Otis last week. Theory said due to that sort of destruction likely throughout the Reigns-Lesnar match, it could be the proper time to money in. Theory said no one likes him, including Dolph Ziggler, because they’re jealous. Footage was shown of Ziggler returning last week to distract Theory during last week’s principal event. Theory said no one is on his level, but was interrupted by A.J. Styles’ music.

Styles made his option to the ring with a microphone and said whether Theory wins america title, the Unified title, or each, he can be the primary in an extended line of challengers. Styles said the locker room isn’t jealous of Theory, they only think he’s a jackass. Theory listed his accomplishments and asked Styles what he was doing at his age. Theory said Styles was probably wrestling in barns in Georgia beating up barefoot hillbillies. Styles said there isn’t enough time on Raw to list why he doesn’t like Theory. Styles said he’s happy with where he’s from and it made him what he’s. Theory called him an old jealous, grizzled veteran. Styles said he’s going to knock some respect into Theory and Styles punched him. Theory retreated to the ringside area and Dolph Ziggler’s music hit. Ziggler made his entrance to the stage as Theory looked on angrily. [c] 


Theory and Styles wrestled a fair matchup to start out. Theory tossed Styles to the skin after which chased after him. Styles got back into the ring, but Theory stayed ringside to jaw with Ziggler. Theory then shoved Ziggler down the ground. Theory went back into the ring and Styles kicked him in the pinnacle sending him back to the ground. [c] 

After the break, Theory had Styles in a headlock and landed a backbody drop. Footage was shown throughout the break where Theory countered a Phenomenal Forearm attempt by Styles by tripping him on the ropes. Styles made a comeback with some strikes and a sliding elbow. Styles also executed a neckbreaker for a two count. Theory rolled out of a Styles Clash attempt, but Styles rolled him up for a two count. Theory rolled through the ropes right into a high dropkick on Styles and hit a suplex right into a backbreaker for a two count. Styles locked in a Calf Crusher, but Theory made the ropes. Theory caught Styles on the apron and dropped him onto the announcer’s desk. Theory rolled Styles into the ring. While the referee checked on Styles, Ziggler superkicked him. Theory staggered to get to his feet and was counted out. 

WINNER: A.J. Styles by count-out in 12:00. 

(Doucette’s Evaluation: Did Theory sneeze in front of Vince recently? Itseemslike he was downplayed this week after being featured heavily before. His promo was average, it looked just like the “What?” chants could have thrown him off legitimately. Hopefully he can rebound next week asthis was a lessthan stellar week for Theory.) 

-Styles executed a Styles Clash on Theory as Ziggler smirked at ringside. [c]

-The commentators hyped the WWE’s YouTube page reaching 70 billion views (in accordance with them, greater than the NHL, NBA, NFL, ESPN, Formula One, FIFA, MBL, and UFC combined). 

(Doucette’s Evaluation: Oh boy…thanks for that information WWE. ) 

-A recap of the Bianca Belair-Becky Lynch rivalry aired. 

-Alexa Bliss made her entrance to the ring. 

-A video package aired for Titus O’Neil hosting a Back to School Bash. [c] (Doucette’s Evaluation: Thisis what Titusshould be shown doing.) 

(6) ALEXA BLISS, ASUKA, & DANA BROOKE vs. NIKKI A.S.H., DOUDROP, & TAMINA Dana Brooke hit a crossbody from the highest rope onto Tamina and Doudrop on the skin. Brooke was distracted by Reggie outside and rolled up by Tozowa for a 3 count to win the 24/7 title. Tozowa bumped into the ring and was pinned by Nikki for the title. Bliss hit Nikki with a DDT and pinned her for the title. Doudrop splashed and pinned Bliss for the title. Graves noted that Brooke didn’t have the foresight to have the 24/7 rules suspended for the match. Tamina superkicked Doudrop and pinned her for the title. Brooke rolled up Tamina for the title and ran away with Tamina chasing her. Nikki was left within the ring yelling and Asuka put her within the Asuka Lock for the submission victory. 

WINNERS: Alexa Bliss, Asuka, & Dana Brooke via submission in 3:00. 

(Doucette’s Evaluation: My head isspinning from all those title changes. I’m glad to see Dana Brooke is doing well now, though.) 

-Asuka danced and hugged Bliss after the match. 

-Backstage, Rey and Dominik Mysterio were still in pain from The Judgment Day’s attack. Dominik questioned Balor & Priest for pondering he actually wanted to affix them. Dominik said he failed their test, but lived as much as the Mysterio name. Rey said Balor & Priest will not be the primary to attempt to tear apart their family and they’ll show them what it means to be a 


(Doucette’s Evaluation: I used to be apathetic to this angle at first, but now I’m intrigued to see how this plays out.)

-Graphics aired for the 20 yr celebration of Rey Mysterio’s profession, Rey & Dominik vs. Priest & Balor, and Roman Reigns appearing next week at Madison Square Garden. 

-The Miz was shown on the MLB All-Star Celebrity Game. Miz hit a house run in the sport and won the sport’s M.V.P. award. Miz was shown looking on proudly. [c] 

(Doucette’s Evaluation: I’m actually impressed with Miz’s accomplishments!) 

-The Miz welcomed the fans to MizTV and introduced Logan Paul. Paul asked Miz if he accepted his SummerSlam challenge. Miz said he desired to talk in regards to the good things like their WrestleMania victory. Footage was shown of Miz and Paul’s victory with Miz turning on Paul cut out. Paul demanded that Miz turning on him be shown, which it then was. Paul stared at Miz. Miz said he was teaching him. Paul said the one thing it taught him was to sign a WWE contract to beat his ass. Miz mentioned Paul’s 23 million followers on Instagram and fighting Floyd Mayweather amongst a few of his accomplishments. Miz said Paul just isn’t able to face him. Miz said Paul can’t host MizTV or face him at SummerSlam. Miz denied Paul’s challenge and said as a rookie he has to earn a match against him. Paul took off his jacket. Paul said he was told he couldn’t construct a social media empire or last within the ring with Mayweather, which he did. Paul said it motivates him when someone says he can’t do something. He desires to prove Miz flawed and beat the hell out of him. Paul said he’s going to host his own show next week called Impaulsive TV. Paul said Miz has two blueberries in his pants and got a “tiny balls” chant began. Miz ripped off his dress shirt to disclose that he was wearing a t-shirt reading, “Hello, my balls are massive!” Miz angrily accepted Paul’s SummerSlam challenge. Miz went to attack Paul, but Paul got the upper hand and clotheslined Miz out of the ring. Ciampa then attacked Paul from behind. Ciampa held Paul while Miz got into his face, but Paul kicked him and fought off Ciampa. Paul rolled out of the ring and retreated as much as the stage. 

Sarah Schreiber got here into the ring and asked what Miz’s response was to what just happened. Miz said there is just one Miz and one MizTV. Miz continued in saying that is his house and no one is available in to embarrass him. Miz closed by saying he’s The Miz and he’s awesome. 

-A graphic aired for The Miz and Logan Paul match at SummerSlam, which is now official. Miz and Ciampa stared angrily as Raw ended.

FINAL THOUGHTS: This was one other lackluster show. The Titus stuff began things on a wierd note for me. It was totally unnecessary. I could go off on a tangent on all of the things I felt were flawed with that. Nevertheless, they’d Titus O’Neil deliver this speech, but he is similar man they made host WrestleMania with Hulk Hogan. 

Every thing else was pretty paint-by-numbers stuff. Nothing outstanding, just more of the standard. With Ezekiel-Rollins, Carmella-Belair, 

Mysterios-Judgment Day, it looks like we’ve seen this all 1,000,000 times. Bobby Lashley was noticeably absent too, I suppose with all of the vital recaps and video packages there was no time for him. 

The Logan Paul-Miz feud is nice in execution, but no one buys Paul as a babyface. Even his “underdog story” was eye rolling. He has accomplishments and lasting within the ring with Floyd Mayweather may be very impressive. Nevertheless, I don’t care about him having 23 million followers on Instagram. I don’t care that no one thought you might construct a social media empire and you probably did anyway, Mr. Paul. It makes me need to see the Miz beat him, not the opposite way around. 

Next week’s show needs to be noteworthy because it’s in MSG and Roman Reigns is showing up.

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